White Swan Brands is a family of quality products and programs developed to meet the needs of health care providers and food service professionals. White Swan originated out of Yonkers, New York, in 1916 and was known for its quality nursing uniforms. Decades later, White Swan merged with another long-standing name in uniforms, Meta, which began in 1896 and is the leader in healthcare lab coats. Today, White Swan Brands is a division of the Encompass Group, LLC, and continues its tradition of excellence. Our dedication to delivering medical and hospitality apparel that's fit-friendly and functional is apparent in the working relationships we foster and grow.


We believe that every patient, resident, caregiver, family member and guest should feel safe and comfortable in today's healthcare and hospitality environments. Simply put, White Swan Brands' customers and consumers are like family to us. And in return, they consider us to be a true partner they can rely on. Our top priority is to provide comfortable, classic, fashionable and functional products at affordable prices, along with unbeatable quality and product performance. We're proud of our ongoing commitment to deliver on this mission - with the utmost integrity - as a market leader in a range of professional scrubs and high-quality labwear.


Our customers are critical to our success, as we are to theirs. Similar to a trusted friend, they can always count on our dedicated sales force, account management and customer service teams for exceptional service. We work closely with our retailer accounts to create opportunities to grow our brands and their businesses.


As part of our Vendor acceptance process we exercise reasonable care by auditing all foreign suppliers facilities in which we conduct business, this audit includes Human Right, Environmental issues as well as Security to our shipments destined to the United States. In addition, many of our foreign suppliers are W.R.A.P. certified which is a Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production program that address Human Rights.


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